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to an elegant villa in a glorious location. Lagoon Lodge is a secluded 6-bedroomed villa that sits quietly amongst open fields.  Perched above Oualidia[HK1] ’s 12-kilometre-long lagoon, you may choose never to leave it, spending all your time in its lush courtyards, on the sunlit terraces, besides the natural swimming pool, and in the light airiness of your double en suite. If you do though, you can explore a stretch of the Atlantic coast that is much loved by Moroccans, and has been since before King Mohammed V built his summer palace here in the mid-1900s.  

A short walk takes you down to the sandy edge of the tidal lagoon, protected from the Atlantic by volcanic cliffs.  And a few minutes’ drive or a puttering boat ride down the lagoon takes you into the understated seaside town of Oualidia itself, with its cafés and seafood restaurants serving the oysters that the town is famous for. This is a very special place in a very special part of Morocco.