MEET DAPHNE                                      

“Daphne’s Retreats was born from my personal experience of how life changes when you give yourself the time and the silence to reflect on what it is you really need.

For a number of years I tried unsuccessfully to lose weight. I tried many different diets and approaches, and they all left me hungry and frustrated.

Then a friend pointed me in the direction of a retreat that at first glance had nothing to do with my body and everything to do with my mind. It demanded that I think deeply about myself and what was stopping me from living the life I wanted to live. It taught me to let go of fears and toxic relationships and to break the negative patterns I had developed. I started using simple techniques that enabled me to be in the moment more, to be grateful for my life, to ignore the negative voices in my head, and to be kinder to myself.  I discovered that by combining these practices with healthy eating habits and exercise, rather than diet regimes, I could make changes that really last.  

Today, fitness keeps my knee and back problems at bay and helps me sleep well.  Mindfulness and meditation enable me to practice stillness, reducing my anxiety and helping me to be kinder to myself.  Healthy eating has shifted my weight, my cravings and my energy levels.

I wanted to create a place where others could come and make a positive change too, by having the time and space to reflect on what it is they need and introduce these things into their lives. I  knew the perfect place – Lagoon Lodge, a serene haven on Morocco’s Atlantic coast.

I found a team of teachers who share my passion and worked with them to create a unique experience that I host.  Unlike other retreats, we don’t focus on short term benefits . We focus on making small changes and shifting our habits to promote a healthier life, a calmer mind and a more energised body in the long term.

I look forward to welcoming you to one of our retreats. ”