your body and your mind in the peaceful surroundings.

You have time and space to reflect and rebalance yourself. In the daily meditation and yoga sessions you can breathe slowly and deeply, look inward, and can just be there in the moment.  You have the time to slow your mind right down, and in the four to five hours of free time you have each day you can let yourself become aware of what your body really needs.  There is nothing that demands your attention other than you. The mobile is silent, the children are far away, there are no sirens or car alarms to hear. You fall asleep during the deep tissue massage, and feel energised after the acupuncture treatment.

You choose to join our short Body & Soul workshops in the early evening. An interlude where we focus on how small things can make positive changes to the way we live and eat. We share simple daily practices – from weaving gratitude into your every-day life, to checking in with yourself to set the tone for the rest of your day.  

The house is quiet from 9pm when everyone retreats to their rooms.


your muscles and your resolve.

Each day you feel your body grow stronger. The fast walk and cardio session on the beach, the Pilates-inspired session on the lawn, the quiet yoga and stretch class in the evening – your body is loving the chance to move and the attention you are paying it. This is challenging, but not the intimidating boot camp you feared it might be.  You feel stronger, fitter and slimmer each day. The massage and acupuncture help you recover, and there are days off from the cardio workouts.

You try new things you have never tried before, like paddle boarding on the  lagoon, or even going surfing.  You find time to wander along the cliff tops, and swim a few laps in the soft water of the natural swimming pool.